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Human-Focused Transformation Executive

3x Girl Dad

Activist & Ally

Startup Advisor, Mentor, & Board Member

Health & Fitness Geek

  • Human-First Transformation Executive
  • 3X Girl Dad
  • Activist & Ally
  • Startup Advisor, Mentor & Board Member
  • Health & Fitness Geek

Building a better future for all through human transformation, digital innovation, and empathetic leadership.

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About Greg

Greg is a strategist, innovator, digital trailblazer, technologist, transformationist, entrepreneur and intrapreneur, diversity, inclusion & belonging advocate, startup advisor, board member, mentor, father, friend, and husband.

He believes that with a foundation of trust and respect we can attain both achievement and fulfillment in realizing our life’s true purpose – to make the world a better place for all, by serving others.

Greg’s intense focus on leveraging the power of people to change the world sparked the creation of human-centered empathetic leadership, a novel approach designed to bring more empathy and emotional intelligence into our lives. The foundation of this leadership style is authenticity, which is rooted in vulnerability, empathy, transparency, and the ability to listen and offer compassion.

Greg is a relentless optimist and lives in the silver lining of life. He is the father of 3 amazing girls, a doting husband, a fitness geek and avid weightlifter, and a voracious consumer of books.

His life is dedicated to the pursuit of a better future for all through empathy and kindness, human connection, and disruptive innovation.


Greg is a visionary transformation executive and has built his expertise at the intersection of strategy, innovation, technology, and partnerships. He builds, runs, and transformations companies of all sizes. His career spans various industries, including health and wellness, new technology development and commercialization, sustainable energy, materials recycling, footwear, and apparel brands. Greg blends lessons learned and best practices from his time working in both large corporate and nimble startup environments.

Greg inspires and leads teams to drive innovation, build and deploy sustainable and scalable solutions and business models, and digitally transform large enterprises to accelerate value and growth.

He currently leads Nike’s Digital Transformation, responsible for driving the most critical cross-functional strategic initiatives powering Nike’s digital future.


All things exist in duality, and the key to survival and sustainable growth is ambidexterity – the ability to solve the critical challenges of today while also building and innovating for the future.

Greg champions the need for constant disruption, reinvention, and improvement, especially when you are at peak success. Change and evolution are constant – if you aren’t building for what’s next, someone else will.


Committed to actively building a more equitable future, Greg is a proud and active member of various Latinx and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion groups and committees including Nike’s Latin American & Friends Network, and The Alumni Society.

He is appointed as an Executive in Residence to the Dean of the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School and is also a member of the JHU Business Leadership Society. Greg is a fierce advocate for supporting and developing the next generation of women and BIPOC leaders.

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